Types of Music Lessons We Offer

Learn to play an instrument… or learn more than one!

Piano lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, drum lessons, and music lessons for other orchestra, band and folk instruments. Lessons in Abelton Live, Cubase and Finale. In Lakewood or Denver or in your own home! Lessons cost $25 for a 1/2 hour lesson. Call today! Matt: 720.276.1442.

Ad Hoc Music Lessons is owned and operated by Matt Bassano, a Denver area music teacher and musician for over 20 years. Matt is best known as the founder and Music Director of Ad Hoc Entertainment, Colorado’s leading music entertainment agency specializing in weddings and private parties.We welcome calls from potential students! Call anytime for more information: Matt 720.276.1442

Call for private lessons in piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, cello, banjo, mandolin, dulcimer, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, and private lessons in other orchestra, band and folk instruments.

  • Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, World music styles
  • Learn more than one instrument!
  • Great with beginners
  • Reading, theory, composition, songwriting, improvisation
  • All ages welcome!

Come learn the instruments you always wanted to play! You can even learn more than one! We offer…

  • Private piano lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private guitar lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private bass lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private drum lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private banjo lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private violin lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private cello lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private trumpet lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private saxophone lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private French horn lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private clarinet lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private flute lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private mandolin lessons, Lakewood, CO
  • Private piano lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private guitar lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private bass lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private drum lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private banjo lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private violin lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private cello lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private trumpet lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private saxophone lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private French horn lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private clarinet lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private mandolin lessons, Denver, CO
  • Private flute lessons, Denver, CO

Time to sign up for Fall lessons!

Hey folks, it’s back to school time! If you are in Lakewood, CO, we have an easy-to-access location very close to the light rail at 1425 Brentwood. The Lakewood locations ialso convenient if you are located Wheatridge, CO.

If you’re in central Denver, CO, you can take lessons at my studio located at Kolacny Music on South Broadway, Denver.

Wherever you are I am close, convenient, and cheerfully accepting new students! Piano, guitar, bass, drums, violin, cello, trumpet, banjo, orchestral percussion, accordion… Learn more than one! C’mon! Sign up! First lesson is always free! 720.276.1442! Call me up! 😉